Therapeutic Adventure
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Rogue Corps was started in early 2012 by former combat veterans.  The founders, being medically retired from active duty themselves, are familiar with the various stages of recovery service members go through.  They seek to give back the confidence and independence often lost when going from the field to the hospital bed.

One way to help the transition back to civilian life is to help those veterans do what they want to do most, which is usually the same things they were doing before they were injured.

In a hospital environment the men spend the day telling the doctors what's wrong with them and what they can not do. As a response they often hear that they need to be careful and take it slow.  Rogue Corps operates on the opposite of that mindset.  We try to not to hold the men back by the recovery process, but offer them the opportunity to regain some of their former capabilities.

That's why our motto is 'Therapeutic Adventure'.  Because we offer veterans the ability to have the same experiences they had before in a setting that not only helps them heal, but that they enjoy.

Want to help us help others?  Please see our Contact Us page for different ways you can give back!
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